Shackleton’s Photographer

2 thoughts on “Shackleton’s Photographer

  1. Dear Airship Flamel,
    Have you read Endurance by Alfred Lansing? It is the jaw-dropping account of this very expedition. We read the book back in April for my library’s Literati Book Club, which I wrote a post here ( After reading Lansing’s version of the story and listening to the biographer of Frank Hurley in person, I so would love to have attended any number of events at the Shackleton 100, including this London exhibition you mention. Absolutely incredible!


    • I haven’t read that one, so I’ll have to look for it. I’ve read the similarly titled “The Endurance” by Caroline Alexander which is very photo-heavy. I also just found at my local library book sale, “South” by Ernest Shackleton himself.


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