Thirty Days Later

Thirty Days Later is an anthology of short stories–with a twist.  Each of 15 authors wrote a pair of short stories, separated by thirty days. I am honored to be part of such a talented group of writers, all of whom have appeared at Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, California’s steampunk con.

Here’s the Amazon blurb…

Hang on to the edge of your seat with the latest anthology of Steampunk flash fiction, featuring pairs of stories thirty days apart. Filled with rayguns and corsets, ghosts and gamblers, dragons and airships, Thirty Days Later is the latest from the Treehouse Writers, fifteen talented authors, artists and poets returning with a sequel to Twelve Hours Later, the must-read Steampunk anthology of 2015. Thirty Days Later features stories of intrigue and deceit, of comeuppance and conspiracy, of myths and monsters, of defectors and dilettantes, of time travel and time relentlessly passing. Join us again in another nail-biting exploration of the churning worlds of gears, steam, action, and adventure!

My stories involve a Victorian astronomer who makes a world-changing discovery. Or does he? Only his more sensible assistant knows for sure. Or does she?

Proceeds from the book will go to literacy causes.  You can order Thirty Days Later from Amazon as paperback and for Kindle, and from Smashwords for many other ebook formats.