Mr. Darwin’s Dragon

“I trust you will do your utmost, Professor.  I have found that one can acquire a great amount of knowledge and insight from a single voyage.”

– Charles Darwin

190218_Dragon bookmark art

Mr. Darwin’s Dragon is the second installment in the Airship Flamel Adventures series. It is available as a paperback and Kindle format at Amazon and in other ebook formats at Smashwords (and many other ebook sellers).

Here’s the blurb:

Charles Darwin, one of Britain’s most famous and certainly most controversial scientists, has a puzzle.  How is it that cultures all over the world have ancient myths of dragons? Could dragons have once lived alongside ancient man?  Could dragons still exist?

Professor Nicodemus Boffin and his newly launched airship Flamel takes up Darwin’s request to search for evidence of modern dragons. The voyage takes Flamel from Britain through the Middle East and over the Himalayas to China. The search is barely begun when Flamel discovers an illicit gold mine run by Cai Yuan, a cruel Chinese warlord, and his corrupt British collaborator. Professor Boffin and his family are taken hostage in the mine which seems to be guarded by a fierce dragon. The crew of Flamel must rescue them, and together discover whether Mr. Darwin’s dragon truly exists.