Greetings!  Welcome to the web blog of Her Majesty’s Research Airship Flamel, a depository of arcane bits of information about history, Victoriana, and steampunk.

I began this blog in June, 2014 as I was finishing up my first novel To Rule the Skies, a steampunk adventure novel.  The hero of the story is Professor Nicodemus Boffin, who commands HMRAS Flamel on a voyage of discovery, mystery, and adventure.

In the process of writing and researching the book, I would come across a myriad of interesting facts, historical coincidences, and other bits of information that I thought too good not to share.  So started this blog.

Who am I? I am a scientist, a scientist who has always been interested in writing, although until recently exclusively technical and non-fiction writing. One day back around the summer of 2012, I wrote the start of a story, a one-page teaser about a Victorian scientist and his airship being waylaid by airpirates. I showed it to my two teenaged sons and asked them if they wanted to see what came next. Happily they did, and my first beta readers gave me the confidence I needed to continue writing.

A few months later, NaNoWriMo rolled around, and I took my 12,000-word manuscript  and ran with it. At the end of November, my word count was nearing 65,000, and more importantly I had reached the end of the story as I had envisioned it. After a lot of editting, my debut novel was finished and published in September 2014. To Rule the Skies is available as an ebook and in paperback.

When I’m not blogging, I’m in the midst of writing my second novel, a prequel to To Rule the Skies tentatively titled The Secret Notebook of Michael Faraday. This novel will be published in May 2017.

You can friend me on Facebook at Airship Flamel and follow me on Twitter @AirshipFlamel.

I can be contacted by email at michaeltierney1(at)gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good day, sir! There are many unmedicated lunatics running loose on the internet. I can only offer my word that I am not one of them, although as a fellow independent author, I may qualify to a degree. In any case, amazon recommended your book while I was looking up another, and I thought I would make you an offer that could be of some benefit. Please, at your convenience, visit me at http://steampunkjack.weebly.com, my writers’ group at http://thesteampunkempire.com/group/scribblers-den, and the Punk Fiction Writers Guild at http://punkfiction.weebly.com.

    I will not contact you again (though I do plan to buy your very intriguing book), but if you find anything at those sites that piques your interest, there are instructions on how to contact me, and I invite you to do so.

    Wishing you good health, great success, and a long life, I remain your humble servant,
    ~ Jack “Blimprider” Tyler


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