Steampunk at its Design Core

I’ve loved ModVic’s designs ever since I first saw them!

Just like the Victorian era had its “revival” styles–Gothic Revival, Renaissance Revival, etc.–I like to think of the Steampunk Aesthetic as “Victorian Revival”, containing some aspects of Victorian styles, just with a more modern twist.

Airship Ambassador


Bruce Rosenbaum, ModVic LLC


It was not until the Summer of 2008 I first heard the word ‘ Steampunk’. A friend had known about the movement and aesthetic and told me we were Steampunking. The description seemed quite odd to me. I understood the ‘steam’ referenced the steam that generated power for the machines and factories of the Victorian and Industrial Age. It was the word ‘punk’ that gave me pause. It brought to mind the more mischievous days of my youth in Marblehead, Massachusetts, but punk is a designation I thought I had outgrown a long time ago.

My wife, Melanie and I started our home restoration business, ModVic, short for Modern Victorian, in June of 2007. Our vision was to combine the best of the Victorian and Industrial ages by incorporating modern technologies and systems of today’s conveniences with Victorian elegance and design. The idea was…

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