The last Victorian has died at the age of 114

It’s amazing that some people live so long that they almost seem like time travellers!

London By Gaslight

RPY_ETHEL_LANG_TAM_01.jpgAstounding as it sounds it is true.

She was born in the late reign of Queen Victoria and has lived through six monarchs, 22 prime ministers and two world wars and has seen the invention of the radio, the car, the aeroplane, the television, the computer and the internet.

Mrs Lang was one of six girls and left school at 13 to work in a shirt factory. She met and married her husband, William, in 1922, and they had a daughter together, Margaret. Mr Lang died in 1988. The couple’s daughter Margaret Walker said one of her aunts lived to the age of 104…clearly a long lived family. ‘She was a lovely mother, I’ve had her a very long time. I’ve been a very lucky person,’ said her daughter.

Mrs Lang died in her nursing home in Barnsley on Thursday and is survived by a 91-year-old daughter.

Our condolences go out to the Lang family…

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