Perfectly Innocent Phrases Guaranteed to Scare a Whovian

Reblogging this Dr. Who post for Fun Friday. #10 is so true! Enjoy Whovians!

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One of the downsides (or upsides, depending on how you look at it) to being a Whovian is that you learn to be afraid of a lot of perfectly safe, ordinary things. Like angel statues. And your own shadow. And practically everything to do with Christmas. Here’s a list of sentences that sound like omens of doom to any New Who fan. Out of context, they sound harmless. In context…well, see for yourself.

1. “Are you my mummy?”

2. “Delete.”

3. “The angels have the phone box.”

4. “There is something on your back.”

5. “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” (Combine with “Count the shadows” for a double whammy.)

6. “He will knock four times.”

7. “There’s a crack in my wall.”

8. “Tick, tock, goes the clock.”

9. “Egg. Stir. Min. Ate.”

10. “Written by Steven Moffat.” 

Sorry for that last one. But we all know it’s true.

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